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XML DTD now available for COUNTER Usage Reports

These will allow vendors to make their usage reports available as XML documents, which in turn will make it easier for customers to manipulate and merge the reports from different vendors. At this stage, no vendor is obliged to provide COUNTER reports in XML format, but we encourage those who can to do so, as this will allow both vendors and customers to assess the benefits of this format. (Note that vendors must continue to provide COUNTER usage reports in Excel, or in a format that can be imported into Excel, until further notice. Note also that the Counter XML DTD was designed with versatility in mind and may be of use in encoding reports other than those specified by Counter.)

By introducing an optional XML format for usage reports at this stage we hope to refine it, based on user feedback, prior to the more widespread adoption of XML in the customer environment.

The DTD itself plus documentation and sample XML instances may be obtained by clicking on the links below:

Counter Report DTD : The DTD against which all of the following example files validate.


Anyone with questions or comments about the DTD, or with an interest in developing software for processing reports in this XML format, should contact the Counter project director, Peter Shepherd, at