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NewsBank Inc

Address: 5801 Pelican Bay Boulevard, Suite 600, Naples, Florida 34108, USA
Phone: 1 (800) 243-7694


Last Audit Date: May 2017
Audit Passed May 2017

Audit due: R5 Audit 2019

Audited Reports Produced

Journal Report 1
Journal Report 1a
Journal Report 1 GOA
Journal Report 2
Journal Report 5
Database Report 1
Database Report 2
Platform Report 1 (formerly Database Report 3)
Book Report 1
Book Report 2
Book Report 3
Book Report 4
Book Report 5
Multimedia Report 1
Title Report 1
Title Report 2
Consortium Report 1
Available reports
Unavailable reports

Sushi Data

NewsBank Inc
To access the SUSHI web service, you must provider either username/password authentication or IP authentication. If you authenticate using an IP address, simply make a request of the server and you will be automatically authenticated. If you use a username/password combination to authenticate then in your SUSHI request put your username and password in the ID field, separated by a colon. i.e. "username:password".
If username/password authentication is used, the requestor ID value should be entered as "username:password" with the client's values substituted. If IP-authentication is used, the requestor ID may be left blank.
The customer number should be entered in the customer ID field. This is normally a known field and can be found on the usage statistics website after signing in.
To authenticate for usage reports, IP authentication or username/password authentication may be used.
The WSDL for the service may be found at: NewsBank signed the Declaration of COUNTER Compliance for Release 5 of the Code of Practice December 2018.

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