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Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

Address: 66 East Smithfield London E1W 1AW UK


Last Audit Date: Jun 2018
Audit Passed

Audit due:

Audited Reports Produced

Journal Report 1
Journal Report 1a
Journal Report 1 GOA
Journal Report 2
Journal Report 5
Database Report 1
Database Report 2
Platform Report 1 (formerly Database Report 3)
Book Report 1
Book Report 2
Book Report 3
Book Report 4
Book Report 5
Multimedia Report 1
Title Report 1
Title Report 2
Consortium Report 1
Available reports
Unavailable reports

Sushi Data

Sales Support [Pharmaceutical Press]
The MedicinesComplete (MC) SUSHI Web Service is accessible to all subscribers to the above platform. A unique authorization token (Requestor ID) and account identifier number (Customer ID) are required to successfully access our service. The Requestor ID and Customer ID is provided upon application to Sales Support [Pharmaceutical Press], contact by phone on +44 (0)207 572 2266 or email to
The Requestor ID is an authorisation token that is generated upon request for access to the MC SUSHI service. The token is an unformatted string of 32 hexadecimal characters (128-bit).
The Customer ID is a platform specific number that identifies your account in order to ensure that the appropriate usage statistics are provided. The identifier is a number of up to 10 digits.
Authentication of requests is based on validation of the submitted Requestor ID, Customer ID, Date Range, Report Code, and Report Release.

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