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Address: 10 Estes Street, Ipswich, MA 01938, USA
Phone: 1-800-653-2726


Last Audit Date: Jan 2017
Audit Passed Jan 2017

Audit due: Jan 2018

Platforms Covered

Audited Reports Produced

Journal Report 1
Journal Report 1a
Journal Report 1 GOA
Journal Report 2
Journal Report 5
Database Report 1
Database Report 2
Platform Report 1 (formerly Database Report 3)
Book Report 1
Book Report 2
Book Report 3
Book Report 4
Book Report 5
Multimedia Report 1
Title Report 1
Title Report 2
Consortium Report 1
Available reports
Unavailable reports

Sushi Data

Refer to document at:
Customers generate their Requestor ID in EBSCOAdmin on the SUSHI Authentication tab within the COUNTER R4 Reports section.
This is your EBSCOhost Customer ID
Customer must enable SUSHI harvesting from within their EBSCOAdmin accounts. There is no additional IP authentication applied

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