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COUNTER for Libraries

biginfographicLibraries spend considerable amounts of money licensing different types of online content. So it is important that librarians understand how that content is being used, so they can ensure money is well spent .

The COUNTER Code of Practice ensures that librarians are able to compare usage statistics from different vendors; calculate cost-per-use; and make better-informed purchasing decisions.

We invite libraries and library consortia to support COUNTER by joining as a member.

Our resources for librarians

You will find our Foundation Classes, our Friendly Guides and our Manual for Librarians are a good way to get started.

Library Consortia will find our R5 Harvester a useful tool. This free tool will help small to medium sized consortia gather COUNTER reports for their affiliated libraries. The R5 Harvester uses COUNTER_SUSHI to streamline harvesting COUNTER reports for all member institutions.

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