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Introducing the COUNTER 5 Report Tool

COUNTER 5 SUSHI harvester, report manager and analysis tool.


Annual General Meeting 2020

Annual General Meeting 2020



Manual for librarians


Introducing the ‘R5 Harvester’

A tool to help small and medium size library consortia to harvest COUNTER usage reports for their members.



Our new Foundation Class explains how to use Platform Reports.


COUNTER Release 5 research study: Call for proposals

Call for research proposals to evaluate Release 5.


Our Annual General Meeting 2020

Annual General Meeting 2020

We scheduled our Annual General Meeting 2020 to take place on Monday 30 March at the UKSG Conference. However, this conference is now cancelled and so we will reschedule our Annual General Meeting 2020 as a virtual event. We will be contacting all our members shortly with a new date and access details for the […]


Preparing for Release 5 Compliance

If you are a publisher or vendor preparing for Release 5 COUNTER compliance for the first time, then please read our handy guide: Preparing for COUNTER Release 5 compliance This guides you through the four steps to becoming COUNTER compliant: Understanding and implementing the Code of Practice Reviewing and testing your own usage reports in […]


RFI: Distributed Usage Logging (DUL) – Outreach Consultant

Project Distributed Usage Logging (DUL) outreach and ‘Sender/Platform’ recruitment. Promoting the service and its benefits in order to solicit participation from publishers (receivers) and content-hosting platforms/scholarly collaboration networks (senders). Crossref provides the infrastructure for DUL, in order that a ‘sender’ can discover the correct reporting endpoint for the owner of a DOI (digital object identifier). […]


Using Release 5 reports to understand usage of open access content

The recording of our recent webinar explains how to calculate cost per use excluding open access.  It also explains which reports to use, when looking at the use of both controlled and open access content. You can access download all the slides we used in this webinar.


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