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Using Release 5 reports to understand usage of open access content

The recording of our recent webinar explains how to calculate cost per use excluding open access.  It also explains which reports to use, when looking at the use of both controlled and open access content. You can access download all the slides we used in this webinar.


Free UKSG Webinar: Working with COUNTER 5 Reports in Microsoft Excel

If you have used our COUNTER Foundation Class on Working with COUNTER 5 Reports in Microsoft Excel, you will find this up coming UKSG free webinar very helpful. Date: Thursday 27 February 2020 Time: 1300 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) Duration: 45-60 minutes including Q&A   Speaker: Kornelia Junge, Senior Research Manager at Wiley, Member […]


Using Microsoft Excel with COUNTER Release 5 reports

The new COUNTER reports provide many opportunities for analysis. COUNTER data can also be combined with other datasets such as Institutional KBART data and Integrated Library System data. But if you are confused by VLOOKUP and SUMIFS and you are not sure how to filter and pivot tables, help is on hand!   Kornelia Junge, […]


Webinar: All about Journal Reports

If you missed our webinar about journal reports, you can catch up by listening to the recording.   The webinar participants asked some very useful questions, and these are shared below together with our responses. Q: What is the difference between Item_Requests and Item_Investigations? A:There are several different types of usage metric in Release 5, […]


Interview with Paul Meehan from JUSP: Top tips for COUNTER Compliance

About JUSP Paul Meehan is an integral part of the Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP) team. He is responsible for all areas of the service, including data processing, database administration, web development, support and training. He is working at the ‘coal face’ of COUNTER usage data. So, we were delighted when he agreed to be […]


All about book reports and metrics webinar

Our webinar about book metrics and reports


Enhanced COUNTER Release 5 Validation Tool

We have enhanced the COUNTER Release 5 Validation Tool, adding checks that were previously missing.


Our Expert Panel at the Charleston Conference

Our Expert Panel at Charleston was chaired by David Sommer, who is chair of our Executive Committee. Athena Hoeppner from University of Central Florida gave an overview of book reports and metrics.You can view her presentation. Sonja Lendi from Elsevier explained how to get the best from journal reports.You can view her presentation.   Kornelia […]


Call for nominations for the COUNTER Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

The COUNTER TAG is a collaborative and hardworking group of volunteers. The members provide technical advice and focus for the development of the COUNTER Code of Practice. It ensures that COUNTER usage statistics remain consistent, credible and compatible. What do TAG members do? Among other tasks they, respond to technical questions about the Code of […]


Looking for the Release 4 Validation Tool?

Unfortunately the Release 4 Validation Tool is not available. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. However, the Release 5 Validation Tool is available at    


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