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Release 5 Code of Practice

Librarians spend considerable amounts of money licensing different types of online content and want to measure return on the investment and to ensure that library budgets are spent as productively as possible. One of the ways to measure this return on investment is to assess usage statistics. Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice […]


Slides from the COUNTER presentation at Austrian Librarian’s Conference

Irene Barbers from Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH and a member of the COUNTER  Executive Committee and COUNTER Release 5 Technical Working Group, recently gave a presentation at the Austrian Librarian’s Conference. She explained the key features and advantages of Release 5. The slides are available here, for those of you unable to attend the conference.


COUNTER Code of Practice for Data Usage Draft Update

Counting data is much harder than journal counting pdf articles. Data are complex objects with a variety of file formats, numerous versions, and one dataset can be part of or derived from another dataset. Earlier this year, COUNTER (represented by Paul Needham) and Make Data Count team members  (Martin Fenner (DataCite), Matt Jones (DataONE), John […]


COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5

The new Code of Practice is now published. COUNTER’s library, vendor and content provider members have contributed to the development of Release 5 (R5) of the Code of Practice. They have ensured R5 is internally consistent, unambiguous, and flexible, so that it will be easier for publishers to be compliant and so that the Code […]


The Friendly Guide to Release 5 Technical Notes for Providers

This Friendly Technical Guide is for content providers implementing Release 5 of the Code of Practice. It covers the following: TRACKING USAGE Page tags Page tag examples Log files Cookies Abnormal spikes in usage Positive spike in usage Negative spike in usage Searches PROCESSING YOUR DATA What to count What not to count Return codes Sessions […]


The Friendly Guide to Release 5 for providers

Tasha Mellins-Cohen has written The Friendly Guide to Release 5 for Providers, an introduction to the COUNTER Code of Practice, Release 5, for publishers and other providers. The Friendly Guide explains: Release 5 Metrics Master Reports and Standard Views Attributes, elements and other (slightly) techy things Tasha is a member of the COUNTER Executive and organises […]


Release 5 What’s New? Webinar recording

COUNTER Release 5 Code of Practice On 15 June, Paul Needham led a webinar about the COUNTER Release 5 Code of Practice. He explained about the four master reports at the heart of Release 5,  the “Standard Views” on the Master Reports, and the new metric types and related attributes. Paul also discussed the timeline for […]


Release 5: Understanding investigations and requests

COUNTER Release 5 Code of Practice: Investigations and Requests


Release 5 what’s new?

Draft 1 of the Code of Practice Release 5 The feedback we received from vendors and libraries in response to Draft 1 has helped us to improve and refine the draft Release 5 Code of Practice. Draft 2 of the Code of Practice Release 5 Our revisions to should not only help content providers implement the new release, […]


Interview with Irene Barbers about Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice

Our Technical Sub-Group has been working hard over the last twelve months to design Release 5 of the Code of Practice. This is an interview with Irene Barbers a member of the Sub-Group. Irene, please tell us about your background as a member of the Technical Sub-Group In my role as Head of Acquisitions in the […]


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