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Webinar zu Release 5 des COUNTER Code of Practice

Donnerstag, 3 May 2018, 14:00 Uhr bis 15:00 Uhr Als Standard für Nutzungsstatistiken elektronischer Ressourcen erhält der COUNTER Code of Practice[1] mit Release 5 eine neue Struktur. Neue Reports und Metriken werden  die Genauigkeit der Nutzungsstatistiken für elektronische Ressourcen verbessern. Release 5 des Code of Practice ist ab Januar 2019 gültig und für alle COUNTER-zertifizierten […]


COUNTER Release 5 Code of Practice Webinar

May 8 2018, 2018, 10-11 PDT, 13-14 EDT, 12-13 CDT 18-19 BST Release 5 is the new structure for the COUNTER Code of Practice, with new Reports and new Metric Types which will represent usage in a much more accurate way than before. In January 2019, all publishers and vendors are required to comply with […]


Webinar for publishers about the COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5

Preparing for Release 5 of the Code of Practice Being COUNTER compliant means following the strict Code of Practice developed by the COUNTER. All data processes and reporting follow defined standards to deliver to library customers the accurate reports they require for analysis and decision making. In January 2019, all publishers and vendors are required […]


Learn more about Release 5

In London on 5th December there are two opportunities to learn more about Release 5.   We look forward to talking to some of you at these events Tasha Mellins-Cohen will be happy to answer your questions during the lunch time poster session at STM Digital Publishing 2017. Lorraine Estelle will be presenting in the showfloor programme at London Info International. […]


Consistency, clarity and simplification

The COUNTER  working group which developed Release 5 was comprised of librarians, publishers, representatives of ERM systems and other usage service providers. The COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5 was published in July 2017. It is consistent, unambiguous, and flexible. It is designed to be adapted and extended as digital publishing changes over the years. Release 5 […]


Release 5 Code of Practice

Librarians spend considerable amounts of money licensing different types of online content and want to measure return on the investment and to ensure that library budgets are spent as productively as possible. One of the ways to measure this return on investment is to assess usage statistics. Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice […]


Slides from the COUNTER presentation at Austrian Librarian’s Conference

Irene Barbers from Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH and a member of the COUNTER  Executive Committee and COUNTER Release 5 Technical Working Group, recently gave a presentation at the Austrian Librarian’s Conference. She explained the key features and advantages of Release 5. The slides are available here, for those of you unable to attend the conference.


COUNTER Code of Practice for Data Usage Draft Update

Counting data is much harder than journal counting pdf articles. Data are complex objects with a variety of file formats, numerous versions, and one dataset can be part of or derived from another dataset. Earlier this year, COUNTER (represented by Paul Needham) and Make Data Count team members  (Martin Fenner (DataCite), Matt Jones (DataONE), John […]


COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5

The new Code of Practice is now published. COUNTER’s library, vendor and content provider members have contributed to the development of Release 5 (R5) of the Code of Practice. They have ensured R5 is internally consistent, unambiguous, and flexible, so that it will be easier for publishers to be compliant and so that the Code […]


The Friendly Guide to Release 5 Technical Notes for Providers

This Friendly Technical Guide is for content providers implementing Release 5 of the Code of Practice. It covers the following: TRACKING USAGE Page tags Page tag examples Log files Cookies Abnormal spikes in usage Positive spike in usage Negative spike in usage Searches PROCESSING YOUR DATA What to count What not to count Return codes Sessions […]


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