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Release 5 Register of compliant content providers

From January 2019, Release 5 of the Code of Practice is the current COUNTER Code of Practice.

Content providers must undergo an annual independent audit in order to comply with the current COUNTER Code of Practice. This registry provides information about those Content providers that have passed a Release 5 audit.

If a content provider has not yet passed a Release 5 audit but was compliant with the previous release, you will find the date of their last Release 4 COUNTER audit. See our list of organisations that are working on Release 5 compliance and have signed the Declaration of Compliance. The details of these organisations will be updated when they have passed a Release 5 COUNTER audit.

COUNTER audits can cover many publisher platforms supported by an Audited Entity. If we have received specific SUSHI details for these publishers, they can be found under the Supported Publisher Platforms list. If we have not received specific SUSHI information, and you cannot see a publisher on either of the lists below, type its name in the search box to find if it is covered by an Audited Entity.


Audited Entity


Supported Platform

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