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The COUNTER Code of Practice

COUNTER’s library, publisher and vendor members have contributed to the development of Release 4 of the Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice enables publishers and vendors to produce consistent and credible usage data. This allows libraries to compare data received from different vendors and publishers, and to understand and demonstrate the value of the electronic resources to which they subscribe.

Release 4 is the current Code of Practice and the requirement for COUNTER-compliance.

More information about Release 5 Draft Code of Practice

Code of Practice

Definitions of terms used

Appendix A lists the terms relevant to Release 4 of the Code of Practice and provides a definition of each term, along with examples where appropriate. In order to be designated compliant with the COUNTER Code of Practice, vendors must adhere to the definitions provided in Appendix A.

How to become Counter Compliant

All academic libraries across the world use and trust COUNTER usage reports to inform renewal and new purchasing decisions, to inform faculty about the value of the library and its resources and to understand user behaviour and improve the user experience.

Counter will help publishers and vendors to become compliant. The Friendly Guide to COUNTER and The Friendly Technical Guide to COUNTER provide the information you will need to start the process.

Audit Process

To comply with the Code of Practice, publishers and vendors must be independently audited within six months of signing the Declaration of COUNTER Compliance, and annually thereafter.

There are two approved COUNTER auditors:

COUNTER will also accept an audit by any Chartered Accountant (UK), CPA (USA) or their equivalent elsewhere.

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