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About the Release 5 Draft Code of Practice


COUNTER’s library, publisher and vendor members have contributed to the development of COUNTER Release 5 Draft Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice enables publishers and vendors to produce consistent and credible usage data. This allows libraries to compare data received from different vendors and publishers, and to understand and demonstrate the value of the electronic resources to which they subscribe.

Release 5 will become the current Code of Practice and the requirement for COUNTER-compliance effective January 2019.



The documents for review are:

COUNTER Release 5 Draft Code of Practice

Release 5: Changes from COUNTER Release 

COUNTER Release 5 Draft Code of Practice: Glossary

COUNTER Release 5 FAQs

We have received extensive feedback, and out Technical sub-group is refining and revising the Draft Code in response. We aim to publish an revised draft in early May.


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