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Consistency, clarity and simplification

The COUNTER  working group which developed Release 5 was comprised of librarians, publishers, representatives of ERM systems and other usage service providers. The COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5 was published in July 2017. It is consistent, unambiguous, and flexible. It is designed to be adapted and extended as digital publishing changes over the years.

Release 5 provides many advantages over previous releases. Our recent presentation given at the Charleston Library Conference outlines those advantages and explains the key features of Release 5.  It also explained how the new release can be used for common use cases:

  • Calculating Journal usage and costs
  • Comparable book usage
  • Journal usage for back files and perpetual access
  • Database Usage

The presentation also dealt with frequently asked questions about the reporting of zero usage and consortium reports.

The presentation slides can be accessed here.

COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5

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