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About the R5 Harvester tool

This free tool will help small to medium-sized consortia gather COUNTER reports for their affiliated libraries. The R5 Harvester uses COUNTER_SUSHI to streamline harvesting COUNTER reports for all member institutions.

If you can run Microsoft Access 2016 or later, this tool will work. It will be easy to use if you are somewhat familiar (as a user) with how Microsoft Access forms work. This tool automates harvesting reports; however, you will need other tools to analyze them.
Please note that the tool will only work for platforms that comply with COUNTER R5.

About the team who made the R5 Harvester tool

EBSCO Information Services led by Oliver Pesch created this tool for the COUNTER community. They have written an easy-to-follow manual, which explains how to quickly get the Microsoft Access tool up and running and how to use it.

Single site libraries

Single site libraries can also use this tool. You will need to set up one library (your library) as an “affiliated library”, and add the Platform records.  The api_key needs to be at the “platform” level along with the URL; the Customer ID and Requestor_ID can be added to the record where their “affiliated library” is assigned to the Platform.’

Download the R5 Harvester tool and the supporting manual











This Microsoft Access project was created by EBSCO Information Services and is being made available to the library community under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Authored by Oliver Pesch


Celus – an open-source tool for library usage statistics management

Celus is an open-source solution for the management of usage statistics of electronic resources, suitable for both, single libraries and library consortia. Celus can automatically harvest COUNTER 4 and COUNTER 5 reports via Sushi and it can be also used to manage non-COUNTER data.

Main features:

If you want to give it a try, download the source code from GitHub or try the online demo at – don’t worry, it is free.
Celus was developed by Big Dig Data in cooperation with the Czech National Centre for Electronic Information Resources (CzechELib).













UPEI CompSci students working with Melissa Belvadi have created a COUNTER 5 SUSHI harvester, report manager, and analysis tool.

The team designed the tool for individual libraries rather than consortia. It works entirely on a local desktop and no local server is needed. You can get the tool from

The tool handles cost data that is on a non-calendar-year cycle, and also handles that in the visual cost-ratio charts. Allowing cost data to be provided by any range of months/years required reworking some of the underlying database tables, so there’s some conversion/rebuilding that needs to be done if you’ve already started to use it.

The easiest thing to do if you haven’t spent a lot of time manually importing non-SUSHI R4 and R5 data is to export your vendors’ data and cost data, and then install the new version in a different directory and start over, importing your vendors from that export, and re-fetching all the SUSHI reports.

Then if you had used the Cost function, you’ll need to edit the exported costs tsvs to include the new date columns (instead of just year, there’s start-month, start-year, end-month, end-year).

You can read the explanation about upgrading the cost tables at the bottom of this page:



This is open-source software, community, and administrative toolset for usage statistics management that will support libraries and consortia in data­-driven decisions and effective stewardship of electronic resources.

You can find out more from the CC-Plus website.








This is a new turnkey solution for:

It is based on the already existing and field-tested ezPAARSE and ezMESURE Free and Open Source tools, extending and including features inspired by the National Library of Luxembourg’s transition to Open Access.

You can find out more from the ReadMetrics website.

If you have created a COUNTER Release 5 harvesting tool and would like it to be listed on this page, please do get in touch with us.

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