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COUNTER Media Library

Project COUNTER has a new multimedia website designed to help users navigate their educational resources. Whether new to COUNTER and looking for introductory materials or an experienced user looking for help with a specific question, the user journeys are a guide through getting started, journals and ebooks, platform and databases, and strategy. There is also a user journey designed specifically for content providers seeking to ensure COUNTER compliance.

The new site offers both videos and downloadable learning manuals and can be cross searched. Previously, videos were available on YouTube, but had low usage and were not integrated with other COUNTER resources.

Lorraine Estelle, outgoing executive director for Project COUNTER, approached Cadmore Media about designing a resource after being inspired by the NISO media library, another Cadmore-sponsored project. “It is great to end my time at COUNTER with the launch of our new Media Library. Librarians have told us that they want a ‘single place to go,’ for information, and this is now achieved.

Violaine Iglesias, CEO and co-founder of Cadmore, added “We’re so pleased to work with Project COUNTER to make their fantastic resources more discoverable and accessible. Essentially, every scholarly librarian in the world will need to understand COUNTER at some point in their careers, and it’s quite gratifying to support this community of practice.”

Added Tasha Mellins-Cohen, incoming Project COUNTER executive director, “I’m delighted we are able to offer the Media Library to our community, and we’ve already heard from publishers as well as librarians that the guided routes we’ve designed to take people through their COUNTER journeys are proving helpful. There will be more resources coming, and I invite everyone to get in touch and let me know what they would like to see.”

The videos and training materials are openly available and may be accessed by all. A transcript runs along the right-hand side of each video, and is completely searchable, so users may find just the terms they are looking for.


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