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COUNTER Project Director – Role Description



Project Director: Counter Online Metrics


Main Purpose and Scope Of The Job

The purpose of the Project Director is to manage all aspects of COUNTER. The scope includes overseeing the development and implementation of the COUNTER Code of Practice; strategic planning to ensure that COUNTER meets the needs of its members and the wider community; financial management; marketing and communication; general support and understanding of the data and information management technologies and systems that support the Code of Practice; liaising with vendors, librarians, library consortia, publishers, standards organizations and other industry bodies; supervising staff; reporting to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.


Position In Organisation


Reports To: Board of Directors

Staff Responsibility: Administrative Assistant

Budget Responsibilities: Responsible for proposing and implementing the annual budget and for reporting
income and expenditure against budget.


Duties And Key Responsibilities

The Project Director’s key responsibilities can be divided into three broad categories: management, financial and company secretary.

a. Management

i. Strategic/planning: working with the Board of Directors (Board) and Executive Committee to ensure that COUNTER meets the needs of its members and the wider community it serves; implementing objectives for COUNTER; leading new initiatives as they emerge; ensuring that all committees have appropriate representation from stakeholder groups.

ii. Code of Practice: Managing the committees and community of volunteers who develop and implement the Code of Practice; taking appropriate actions to ensure the widest adoption of the Code of Practice; maintaining in collaboration with the Technical Advisory Group a list of features to be considered for new releases while keeping the Code of Practice as simple as possible to implement; managing the priorities and timetables for new releases; reviewing new applications for compliance and setting up library test sites; reviewing audit reports and liaising with auditors; supporting and advising vendors, publishers and librarians on implementation of the Code of Practice.

iii. Technology infrastructure: Managing account access for and having a general understanding of the external systems that support the work of COUNTER and its Code of Practice, such as the Validation Tool, GitHub, and Read the Docs.

iv. Relationship management: Liaising with vendors, librarians, library consortia, publishers, standards organizations and other industry bodies to build partnerships and ensure relevance.

v. Marketing/communication: Setting and announcing membership prices; managing the distribution of member renewal notices and reminders; announcing and promoting updates to the Code of Practice; updating the website and social channels; giving conference presentations; drafting articles on COUNTER.

vi. Supervision of staff: Ensuring that the Administrative Assistant provides effective administrative and marketing support, most notably in the following areas: sending out messages and renewal reminders to members; ensuring member contact details are up to date. Working with contractors as required.

b. Financial

i, Collection of revenues: Recording and accounting for payments, which are received by electronic means, cheque and credit card.

ii. Payment of expenses.

iii. Reporting: Ensuring correct financial reporting and Annual Accounts, including monthly reconciliations of income and expenditure.

iv. Maintenance of Financial Records and liaison with accountants and auditors as required.

c. Company Secretary

i. Organization of meetings: organizing Annual General Meetings, as well as Board, Executive Committee, Technical Advisory Group and other relevant meetings.

ii. Minutes of meetings and follow-up: recording and implementing decisions of Board, Executive Committee, Technical Advisory Group and other working group meetings.

iii. Liaise with Companies House, accountants and lawyers on changes to Board of Directors, Annual Accounts, Annual Declaration, and other matters pertinent to the successful operation of the organization.

iv. Security: ensure that all important files and records are backed up and stored safely.


COUNTER Project Director – Person Specification

Evaluation Criteria

Skills And Abilities




  • Leadership: ability to communicate a vision as well as to lead and motivate a team
  • Communication and presentation: clear and concise written and spoken communication skills
  • Self-motivation: a self-starter who can set and keep to objectives without close daily supervision
  • Diplomacy: ability to work constructively with different groups of professionals and in an international sphere
  • Strategy: ability to see the larger picture and understand how industry trends may affect COUNTER and vice versa.
  • General management: ability to manage time and resources effectively without close supervision
  • Financial management: propose financial targets, keep financial records, prepare financial reports
  • Organisation: ability to organise online and in-person meetings and conferences: set dates and locations for Board, Executive and other meetings; take accurate minutes of such meetings
  • Technology: comfort with a variety of systems, software and services and general understanding of data and information management
  • Travel: be prepared to travel nationally and internationally to relevant meetings and conferences




  • Experience at a senior level in the information industry, from a vendor, publisher, or customer perspective
  • Experience in working with libraries, publishers and other industry organizations



  • Knowledge of the global scholarly information landscape
  • Knowledge of online information, technology and business models
  • Knowledge of key industry players, including vendors, publishers and libraries
  • Knowledge of the range of metrics used to assess the impact and value of publications
Personal Attributes And Other


  • Well-organized
  • Diplomatic
  • Self-motivating
  • Willingness to travel
  • Good team worker
  • Good communicator
  • Flexible and able to prioritize needs


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