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COUNTER Release 5 research study: Call for proposals

Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice became effective from January 2019. Now, libraries have twelve months of Release 5 usage data from an array of content providers. Therefore, COUNTER would like to commission research to evaluate Release 5. The purpose of the research outputs is to:

  • Inform the COUNTER Executive and Technical Advisory Group by answering the following questions: What is working well for producers and consumers of the usage reports? Are there any issues or problems? Which metrics are used, and which if any of the metrics are not being used? Which Standard Views are being used, and which if any are not being used? Are there any amendments or improvements needed to the Code of Practice?
  • Inform the COUNTER Project Director if producers and consumers of the usage data need any training or guidance.
  • Inform the COUNTER community about how librarians and library consortia are using COUNTER reports to answer common use cases. The research outputs may also showcase any innovative use of the usage statistics.


COUNTER will award funding to one large study or multiple smaller studies. A total of £25,000 is available. Payment will be in stages at agreed milestones.

Large studies will focus on all of the following three groups. Smaller studies may focus on one or two of the following groups:

  • Producers of Release 5 reports: publishers, platform providers and other content providers.
  • Consumers of Release 5 reports: libraries and library consortia.
  • Intermediary usage statistics service providers, both commercial and non-commercial.


  • Submit proposals by 30 April 2020
  • COUNTER will inform successful bidders by 15 May 2020
  • Interim Report by 30 August 2020
  • Final Report by 7 October 20

Download the call for proposals


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