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COUNTER Release 5 Webinar for Publishers

Being COUNTER compliant means following the strict Code of Practice developed by the COUNTER. All data processes and reporting follow defined standards to deliver to library customers the accurate reports they require for analysis and decision making. In January 2019, all publishers and vendors are required to comply with the new Release of the Code of Practice.

Senol Akay led this non-technical webinar for publishers. It is aimed at content providers needing to prepare for the COUNTER Code of Practice. The webinar explained what the new Release 5 metrics mean and how to understand the new reports and discuss them with your library customers.

The webinar speaker is Senol Akay who is the web analytics manager at the American Chemical Society and member of the COUNTER Technical Sub-Group. Prior to joining the digital strategy team at the American Chemical Society, Senol was a senior digital marketer with an international marketing firm where he created e-marketing strategies for global businesses.

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