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COUNTER Release 5


In February librarians were able to collect COUNTER Release 5 usage reports for the first time. Although the reports have only been available for a month, two publishers have already successfully passed an independent COUNTER audit. They are J-Stage and JSTOR. Many more Release 5 audits are in progress or scheduled. COUNTER has created a set of online tutorials to help librarians understand the new reports.

COUNTER Foundation Classes

These tutorials are openly available on YouTube, and cover the following topics:

COUNTER Foundation Class 1: Metric Types:
This class explains the different usage metrics in Release 5:

COUNTER Foundation Class 2: Reports:
Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice includes four Master Reports. For ease of use, each of the Master Reports is associated with one or more summaries of types of activity, called Standard Views. This class describes these reports.

COUNTER Foundation Class 3: Release 5: Metrics and Reports: Putting it all together:
This class builds on Class 1 and Class 2 and walks through a scenario showing how usage will be counted and reported in Release 5 reports.

COUNTER Foundation Class 4: Release 5 Attributes, elements and other slightly techy things:
Release 5 adds a series of elements and attributes to the longer standing metrics. These class explains how they help to provide more granular information in an organised way.

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