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American Physical Society (APS)

Address: 1 Physics Ellipse College Park, MD 20740-3844
Phone: (301) 209-3200


Last Audit Date: Apr 2018
Audit Passed Apr 2018

Audit due: Apr 2019
Supporting Audited Entity: Squid Solutions

Audited Reports Produced

Journal Report 1
Journal Report 1a
Journal Report 1 GOA
Journal Report 2
Journal Report 5
Database Report 1
Database Report 2
Platform Report 1 (formerly Database Report 3)
Book Report 1
Book Report 2
Book Report 3
Book Report 4
Book Report 5
Multimedia Report 1
Title Report 1
Title Report 2
Consortium Report 1
Available reports
Unavailable reports

Sushi Data

American Physical Society (APS)
Instructions: The SquidSolutions SUSHI Web Service is accessible to all subscribers for the above platform. A unique authorization key (Requestor ID) is required to successfully access our service. A Requestor ID is provided after successfully registering for SUSHI access through the platform listed above. Each SUSHI request will validate the Requestor ID, Customer ID, Date Range, Report Code & Report Release. Each SUSHI request should be limited to a date range of one month for best performance and no more than 1 calendar year for historical requests. Visit to register for SUSHI access.
Other Notes: Official Documentation for the SUSHI Web Service can be found at

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