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Address: 11500 Spring Garden Street, Fourth Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19130


Website address:
Last Audit Date: Oct 19

Audit Passed Jun 2020

Audit due: See Other Notes below

Audited Reports Produced

Release 4

Journal Report 1
Journal Report 1a
Journal Report 1 GOA
Journal Report 2
Journal Report 5
Database Report 1
Database Report 2
Platform Report 1 (formerly Database Report 3)
Book Report 1
Book Report 2
Book Report 3
Book Report 4
Book Report 5
Multimedia Report 1
Title Report 1
Title Report 2
Consortium Report 1

Release 5

Available reports
Unavailable reports

Sushi Data

Web of Science
Web of Science Group Customer Support
Instructions: To gain access to the SUSHI API: 1. Visit 2. Click the Sign Up link to create an account. 3. Register your SUSHI Application. 4. Click on Contact link in the banner and Select Contact Customer Care or visit 5. Open a case with our Support Team requesting access to the SUSHI API on the Clarivate Developer Portal. 6. Further Instructions will be delivered in order to complete the set up process.
Identifies the requester that is asking for report data. This ID is associated with your Web of Science user account and will be delivered to you upon set up.
Identifies the customer to provide report data for. This ID is associated with your institutional Web of Science subscription and will be delivered to you upon set up. You can also contact Clarivate at or
Access to the SUSHI API is token based. The request for SUSHI access requires approval, and once approved the token to access the API will be delivered to you upon set up. The combination of API token, Requestor ID, and Customer ID is required with each SUSH API call to adhere to usage data security standards.
NOTE ABOUT AUDIT STATUS: In March 2021, an independent COUNTER auditor verified the Standard View reports. The next full audit will follow the implementation of the new Web of Science platform.

Report a Change

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