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Vendor/Aggregator/Gateway Declaration of COUNTER Compliance

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We <name of Content Provider> (‘The Company’) hereby confirm the following:

  1. That the following online usage reports that are supplied by The Company to its customers, and which The Company claims to be ‘COUNTER-compliant’, conforming to Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice:< insert list COUNTER-compliant reports >
  2. The Company agrees that it will implement the protocols specified in Section 7 of Release 5 of the Code of Practice to correct for the effects of federated searches and internet robots on usage statistics.
  3. Where The Company supplies to customers online usage statistics not included in the usage reports covered in 1 above, but which use terms defined in the COUNTER Code of Practice, that the definitions used by The Company are consistent with those provided in the COUNTER Code of Practice.
  4. The Company will pay to COUNTER the Vendor Registration Fee (£350/US$500), unless The Company is a Member of COUNTER in good standing, for whom this fee is waived.
  5. That to maintain COUNTER-compliant status, the usage reports provided by The Company to its customers will be independently audited within 12 months from the date of their 2018 Release 4 COUNTER Audit Report.

Signature: _______________________       Date:_______________________


Name: __________________________      Title:  ________________________


For and on behalf of (content provider’s name):



Address:  _________________________________________________________


Email address:  ____________________________________________________


Upon receipt of this signed declaration by the COUNTER office, and upon payment (where the Company is not a member of COUNTER) by The Company of the Content Provider Registration Fee, The Company will be listed on the Register of Content Providers providing COUNTER-compliant Usage Reports pending completion of a formal audit within 6 months of signing this declaration.


This Declaration may be scanned and emailed to:

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Project COUNTER’ and mailed to: COUNTER, 25 Egbert Road, Winchester, SO23 7EB, UK


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