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Platform Elsevier for ScienceDirect, Scopus and Engineering Village
COUNTER Release 5 Audit Report Date  
Reports: Platform Master Report
Platform name: ScienceDirect
SUSHI contact name: G. Marjew
SUSHI Contact Email:
Instructions: To activate SUSHI services and reports from Elsevier please see and send a completed application form to the Elsevier customer helpdesk of your region.
Server URLs:


o   COP4:

o   COP5:

About Requestor ID:


o   COP4: Elsevier provides the Requestor ID (format SUSHI-XXXXXX)
COP5: API key to be obtained from Elsevier Developer Portal


About Customer ID:


o   COP4: Elsevier customer account number (C123456789 or S123456789) preceded by platform: SD/C123456789

o   COP5: Elsevier customer account number (C123456789 or S123456789)


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