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Introducing the ‘R5 Harvester’

Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice has reduced complexity, improved clarity and streamlined usage reporting. However, the new Release has proved a challenge for some library consortia, who have struggled to gather usage reports for their affiliated libraries.

They told us that most importantly they need a tool so that they can efficiently harvest usage reports.
A under the leadership of Oliver Pesch, EBSCO Information Services took action! The EBSCO team has produced the SUSHI Harvester for Multi-Site Libraries. Its friendly name is the ‘R5 Harvester’. It is Microsoft Access tool which will help small to medium sized consortia gather COUNTER reports for their affiliated libraries. It uses COUNTER_SUSHI to simplify harvesting with little more than a click of the mouse.


An easy to follow manual explains how to get the Microsoft Access tool up and running quickly and how to use it.

You can download the Microsoft Access tool and the supporting manual from our R5 Harvester support page.

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