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Message to content providers about reporting total usage

In response to Covid-19 many of you have removed the paywall from some or all your content. It is likely that you are unable to assign much of the use of this open content to institutions. Therefore, COUNTER reports to library customers may show an apparent downturn in usage.

It might be helpful to provide your library customers with the percentage of the total usage on your platform assigned to institutions (in COUNTER reports) and the percentage of total usage you cannot assign. You could break this down by country and/or state.

Please note that is possible to provide a COUNTER report of all usage because we changed the definition of Institution_Name in 5.0.1 to include: “For open access publishers and repositories, where it is not possible to identify usage by individual institutions, the usage should be attributed to ‘The World’”. If you choose to produce such Master Reports, you could include custom columns for country and or state.

Meanwhile our Technical Advisory Group is working to produce further guidance on reporting all usage on your platform.

You may also want to share our statement about COUNTER usage during the Covid-19 pandemic with your library customers.

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