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Result Clicks and Record Views

Confused about Result Clicks and Record Views in COUNTER database reports?


What are Result Clicks and Record Views?

They are the new usage metrics for databases and platforms that replace outdated Sessions and Searches metric types.

What is the difference between Result Clicks and Record Views?

The key difference  is that Result Clicks count all the clicks originating from the result list displayed by a search or browse. This includes links to external resources, as well as records included in the databases on that platform. Record Views cover only views of the detailed metadata (e.g. an abstract view) of records from databases on that platform.

Learn more … read our Quick Guide:

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You may also find useful Athena Hoeppner’s slide deck that illustrates the basics of what is counted and where for Searches, Result Clicks, Record Views, and Full Text Use.  The main slide is animated, so it works best if downloaded and viewed on a device that handles PowerPoint animations.


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