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Release 5.0.2 of the COUNTER Code of Practice

This version includes corrections and clarifications that will make it easier for publishers and vendors to comply. The full changelog is available so that the community can easily track the modifications we have made. Updated editions of our Friendly Guides and online tutorials are also available.

Although the changes in this release are not substantive, it signals a new more efficient, and open method of working. Release 5.0.2 is published using Read the Docs. This provides improved search and navigation functionality of the Code of Practice. Users can view the Code in PDF or HTML format, and Read the Docs technology ensures these versions are never out of sync. Bernd Oberknapp from the COUNTER Executive Committee says, “We are excited about using this open-source version control system because it will make the Code of Practice so much easier to use”. Tasha Mellins-Cohen from the COUNTER Executive Committee highlights an additional change: “COUNTER will now maintain the Code of Practice on GitHub which will make the development of new releases more transparent and enable conversations around proposed amendments.”

Looking beyond version 5.0.2, the next major release of the COUNTER Code of Practice is in development. It will include more substantive changes, including improvements to open access usage metrics. We will publish a draft of Release 5.1 for consultation in April 2022 to seek community feedback. We aim to publish Release 5.1 in its final form in October 2022 and not require compliance until January 2024 to ensure sufficient time to build understanding and adaptation. This15th month period will provide content providers and librarians time to adapt and to participate in the training and guidance events we will be running.

28 September 2021



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