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COUNTER Registry of compliant platforms

We are pleased to announce the publication of our new Registry of COUNTER Compliant platforms.   We have designed the registry to meet the needs of librarians: A list of all COUNTER compliant platforms The COUNTER reports provided Contact details SUSHI details Importantly we have a ‘Notification of issues and data updates’ section. We […]


Introducing the COUNTER 5 Report Tool

COUNTER 5 SUSHI harvester, report manager and analysis tool.


Introducing the ‘R5 Harvester’

A tool to help small and medium size library consortia to harvest COUNTER usage reports for their members.


Oliver Pesch works for EBSCO as a product strategist and has been involved in COUNTER from the beginning. He is the chair of the COUNTER board and was chair of the technical working group that created Release 5. In April 2019, he gave this presentation at the TLA 2019 conference. It covers: A one-minute history of COUNTER […]


COUNTER releases the Report Validation Tool

The free tool that will check COUNTER usage reports and SUSHI


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