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Message to content providers about reporting total usage

How content providers who make content open in response to Covid-19 demonstrate overall usage.


Message to libraries about COUNTER usage during the Covid-19 pandemic

COUNTER usage when the paywall is removed in response to Covid-19


Using Release 5 usage reports for strategic decision making

Irene Barbers is the Head of Acquisitions at the Central Library of Forschungszentrum Juelich and a member of the COUNTER Executive Committee. At the recent UKSG Conference, Irene Barbers gave a presentation on about using Release 5 usage reports for strategic decision making. Irene’s slides are below and provide an excellent overview. The Master Reports […]


COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data Usage Metrics release 1

There is a need for the consistent and credible reporting of research data usage. Such usage metrics are required as an important component in understanding how publicly available research data are being reused. To address this need, COUNTER and members of the Make Data Count team (California Digital Library, DataCite, and DataONE) collaborated in drafting […]


COUNTER Release 5 Webinar for Publishers

Being COUNTER compliant means following the strict Code of Practice developed by the COUNTER. All data processes and reporting follow defined standards to deliver to library customers the accurate reports they require for analysis and decision making. In January 2019, all publishers and vendors are required to comply with the new Release of the Code […]


Friendly Guide to COUNTER Arabic Language Edition

Friendly Guide to COUNTER Arabic Language Edition: This guide is a non-intimidating manual for publishers and vendors implementing COUNTER-compliant usage statistics for the first time, or for more experienced hands, implementing new reports or preparing for COUNTER audit.


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