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Message to content providers about reporting total usage

How content providers who make content open in response to Covid-19 demonstrate overall usage.


Message to libraries about COUNTER usage during the Covid-19 pandemic

COUNTER usage when the paywall is removed in response to Covid-19


German language webinars

Webinars in the German language about Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice.


A JUSP ebook usage discussion forum report

A report describing the meeting of a representative group of publishers and librarians to discuss ebook usage statistics in London on 7th July 2016.


The community website for issues with library usage reports

  A group of librarians and consortium, publisher and vendor representatives established Usus in 2014. It provides advice on how to best use COUNTER reports, known problems with COUNTER reports, and new developments with COUNTER usage statistics. The Charleston Advisor awarded it “Best Effort” last year in its Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Although Usus is supported […]


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