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COUNTER R5 Validation Tool

You can use this tool to validate COUNTER Release 5 JSON or Tabular reports.

Validation Tool

We encourage all content providers to test their reports each month.

The Validation Tool detects if metrics are missing or if the counts don’t make sense. For example, the Validation Tool will detect when there are less Total_Item_Requests than Unique_Item_Requests for a title (which would be a critical error). Please note that it is only possible to fully check if Unique_Title metrics are missing when the Data_Type is known, i.e. only for Master Reports with Data_Type included, TR_B1 and TR_B3.

Change Log

2022-05-09: Bug fixes
  • Fixed spelling of some Data_Type values in SUSHI “Get Report” form, added missing value Unspecified.
2021-09-28: Support for Release 5.0.2, Missing checks added, Bug fixes and improvements

Support for Release 5.0.2 (numbers in parentheses link to the corresponding GitHub issues):

  • Added support for Data_Type Unspecified (#23)
  • Added support for ROR ID as institution and publisher identifier (#61)
  • Added support for common extensions, including extensions for reporting open content not attributed to institutions (#100)
  • Fixed required Parent and Component elements (#15)
  • Added checks for Byte Order Marks (#65)
  • Adapted error levels to align them with the definitions in the Code of Practice (#39)
  • Added support for empty Publisher with Warning (#102)
  • Added support for empty Title with Warning if identifiers are present (#102)
  • Changed Message for non-minimal JSON (recommendation, change postponed to next release)

Missing checks added:

  • Added check for null values in JSON reports (Critical Error)
  • Added Data_Type check for Searches metrics (Critical Error)
  • Added check for whitespace in Item_Name element (Warning)
  • Added check for ISBN hyphen positions (Warning)
  • Added check for missing Item identifiers (Notice)

Bugfixes and other improvement:

  • Fixed handling of empty files
  • Fixed varying order of errors, warnings and notices in validation results
  • Improved some Messages (moved values to Data) for easier filterung of validation results
  • Improved Messages for metrics check
2021-01-29: Bug fixes
  • Fixed check for default YOP filter (0001-9999)
2020-07-12: Bug fixes
  • Fixed API key parameter name
2019-12-18: Bug fixes
  • Fixed error message for invalid or missing Section_Types
  • Fixed error message for ISBNs with too many hyphens
2019-12-08: Bug fixes
  • Fixed check for required metrics in Master Title Reports with Section_Type
  • Fixed count checks for Master Title Reports with Section_Type and Master Item Reports with Components
2019-11-25: Missing checks added, Bug fixes and improvements
  • Full support for checking Item Reports
  • Additional checks for the JSON report structure (e.g. checks for non-minimal JSON)
  • Checks for missing or inconsistent metrics (e.g. Unique_Item_Requests present but corresponding Total_Item_Requests missing)
  • Some checks for inconsistent counts (e.g. more Unique_Item_Requests than Total_Item_Requests)
  • Additional error levels (Fatal, Critical, Error, Warning, Notice)
  • Some bug fixes and smaller improvements
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