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Call for nominations for the COUNTER Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

The COUNTER TAG is a collaborative and hardworking group of volunteers. The members provide technical advice and focus for the development of the COUNTER Code of Practice. It ensures that COUNTER usage statistics remain consistent, credible and compatible.

What do TAG members do?

Among other tasks they,

  • respond to technical questions about the Code of Practice and JSON;
  • help vendors and publishers with problems that are affecting the credibility and or usefulness of the COUNTER reports;
  • help the COUNTER Community with problems that are affecting the automated harvesting of SUSHI reports;
  • work on the continuing maintenance of the Code of Practice;
  • discuss technical and environmental developments in relation to the Code of Practice;
  • attend around 6 TAG conference calls each year, and other calls if necessary.

But that’s not all!

Our Technical Advisory Group members are hands on, and each member’s own strengths are drawn upon regularly.  Their expertise, advice and practical input creates the tools, guides and training we make freely available to the COUNTER Community.


Why are we looking for new TAG Members?

Our current TAG members are working very hard to support the COUNTER community – therefore more hands are needed with a variety of skills and expertise.

We are seeking new members with a proactive approach to help us improve the help we provide to the COUNTER community and to contribute to our developments.

Who does TAG need?

There are 12 TAG members, and we welcome four more.

COUNTER aims to seek a balance, to ensure that we have representation from publishers, vendors and librarians across all regions.  We require a breadth of skills across the TAG members including knowledge and expertise of scholarly publishing, COUNTER tabular reports, JSON and SUSHI.

We invite nominations from our international membership.

Interested?  Here’s how to apply!

If your organisation is a current COUNTER member you may self-nominate or others may nominate you. We encourage applications from people at all stages of their careers who are working for publishers, vendors or libraries.

If you are not sure if your organisation is a member of COUNTER please contact . Your organisation can sign up for membership at

If you know someone who would be perfect for the role, please encourage them to apply!

To apply, please provide a cover letter stating why you would like to join the TAG and a short CV.

Applications are required by 30 September 2019, please send them to

If you have questions?

Please see the TAG terms of reference at and feel free to email


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